What to do when you’re a band during a pandemic? Live concerts are hard to organise, sometimes even rehearsing with your band mates can be impossible. So which options does that leave musicians these days? I’ve heard that some bands focus on writing new songs and even head into a studio (for example Passionless Pointless and Witch Fever), start a crowdfunding for their upcoming album (support Baby Fire), or release a new album (such as Bengal and Lavender Witch) or song (ERIIS and Big Joanie). Others perform livestreamed concerts from their home (like Down the Lees) or at a proper venue (like Bengal and Lavender Witch), or do a residence at an otherwise empty rock venue (Baby Fire and Tuvalu). And then there is the craft of video clips. While everyone is even more glued to their screens than in non-pandemic times, why not spend this screen time watching cool videos and listening to awesome music? And why not create a video to promote your songs that may not be enjoyed by a regular live audience for a while?

So for this occasion I’ve selected a few brandnew music videos of local bands that I’ve really enjoyed watching and would like to share with you. Sure, some of them feature friends of mine and one of them is my own band (you can guess which one) but that doesn’t mean I should make any publicity for them, right? I’m just excited to show these to you! 🙂

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