Haunting songs for scary times about Medusa, ghosts, witches, and lots of wolves as well as tunes that work for every season. Enjoy listening & stay safe:


Anti-Product: “The Power of Medusa”

Babes in Toyland: “Handsome and Gretel”

Baby Fire: “The Wolf”

Belly: “Low Red Moon”

Big Joanie: “No Scrubs”

HHM: “Wolves”

Hole: “Season of the Witch”

Jack Off Jill: “When I am Queen”

Judith Judah: “Our Bodies Our Choices”

Katastrophy Wife: “Haunted”

Keiki: “Glue”

Kirstin Hersh: “Your Ghost”

L7: “Monster”

L7: “Broomstick”

Lavender Witch: “Spell”

My Ruin: “Monster”

Nova Twins: “Devil’s Face”

Screaming Toenail: “Giant Woman”

She Makes War: “Exit Strategy”

Skating Polly: “Hail Mary”

Skunk Anansie: “I Can Dream”

Tori Amos: “Spark”

Veda: “Lilium”

Veruca Salt: “Halloween Day”

Witch Fever: “Bezerk(h)er”