In a time when the M of MTV no longer refers to Mediocre Music but simply to Mediocre, music videos are clearly not dead. We just watch them online instead. Internet did not kill the video star, far from, and it contributed to making it easier and more affordable for DIY and indie bands to make and share their own videos, without the financial help or promotion of a major record label.

Of course there are still a lot of crappy and objectifying videos out there, just as boring commercial songs are still being made. But in this playlist I’d like to turn the spotlight on some recent video clips of female-fronted DIY/indie bands that attracted my eyes ear as well as my ears.

Big Joanie: “Way Out”

I love the nostalgic retro lo-fi feel to this video which fits very well with the melancholic melody. There are scenes at skate parks, concert shots, and what looks a bit like home videos, all with a grainy film layer. The skating woman functions as a red thread and is leading the way out.

Jess Coram: “Fall Out”

Not political in any way but just plain old rock’n roll fun featuring headbanging with lavender hair. I’m sure this video and song will get you moving along right away:

Lauren Hoffman: “The Chemical”

This video is completely DIY and was made in 24 hours from the preparations to the final editing! It has Lauren Hoffman come out as a dancer, which was a big deal for her and helped her fight imposter syndrome. I remember her song “Rockstar” (about Kurt Cobain) from the 90s and I love that she still makes great music.

L7: “Stadium West”

Bright and exciting new video for “Stadium West”, an equally bright and exciting song by L7. How we missed them and how we are glad they are back!

Petra Pied de Biche: “Jeu de Blanc” 

I’ve had the honour of not only experiencing live concerts of Petra Pied de Biche but also of sharing the stage with her! Her songs are all very political and so are her videos. They use humor and catchy rhythms as a political and artistic strategy and it totally works. The lyrics in “Jeu de Blanc” consist only of phrases that white people have said to her.

Petrol Girls: “No Love For a Nation”

Petrol Girls merge their activism with their music as well as with their videos. This video looks like it could have been made at activist meetings in a squat in your own town, while preparing for protests. You know you want to be part of it!

What are your favourite videos of the moment?