Op 8 maart staken en strijden we voor een feministische wereld. Er vinden allerlei acties plaats over heel België. Meer info vind je op de website van het 8 Maars collectief dat de vrouwenstaking coördineert.

Om deze staking van een soundtrack te voorzien, stelden we een strijdvaardige feministische playlist samen. Turn up the volume, let’s rock & riot, and meet us on the barricades!

Beyond Pink – Slave for my Uterus

“I don’t wanna be a slave for my uterus…”


Big Joanie – No Scrubs

“No! I don’t want your number
No! I don’t want to give you mine
No! I don’t want to meet you no where
No, I don’t want no scrub
A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me
Hanging on the passenger side of his best friend’s ride
Trying to holler at me”


The Butchies – More rock more talk


Kimya Dawson – Walk like Thunder


Dominatrix – Patriarchal Laws

“Three things you should learn:
Riot grrrl never dies
Every girl is a riot grrrl
Stop boys’ violence”


Juliana Hatfield – My Sister


L7 – Everglade

“Don’t cross my line, says Everglade”


Laura Jane Grace – True Trans Soul Rebel


Lavender Witch – Malicious Muse

“Malicious muse
She’s fed up with you
She won’t look back
At the image you captured
Malicious muse
Who are you to blame her
She won’t be reduced
To a 2D picture”


Le Tigre – FYR

“We tell the truth, they turn up the laugh track”


Lunachicks – Bad Ass Bitch

“Where alley cats creep in the night
And slink ‘round traffic lights
She cracks her knuckles
Ready for a fight!”


Make Music Not Love – T-Error

Hast du was gegen Manner?
Waren da auch Manner?”


MIA – Bad Girls

“Live fast, die young
Bad Girls do it well”


Skunk Anansie – Rise Up

“You gotta rise up, sweet woman child”


Sleater-Kinney – #1 Must Have

“Bearer of the flag from the beginning
Now who would have believed this riot grrrl’s a cynic
But they took our ideas to their marketing stars
and now I’m spending all my days at girlpower.com
Trying to buy back a little piece of me”


Stereowoolf – When I was a Baby Feminist

“Simple riffs
But they carried a message
Radical ideas
And the sound was raw
It found its way into my teenage bedroom
And I got a guitar for Christmas”


Veruca Salt – Earthcrosser

“A ring in my ears
From playing to loud
I hear the ocean
I hear the crowd”