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Dear D. and Y.,

this is the #metoo-video i was talking about: ‘How to not sexually harass someone’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMfStd3v330.

I think it’s really funny and great, as it shows very well how the backlash ‘now men don’t know how to behave towards women anymore’ is complete bullshit.

I mean, sexism can be very subtle and almost invisible for the people that do not suffer from it (compare with racism, homophobia, etc.), but #metoo talks very specifically about sexual harassment/rape, and i think that in the end its not that hard to not sexually harass or rape someone.

And if ‘feeling uncomfortable’ is more important than the actual fact that somebody gets sexually harassed/raped, then i guess its okay to sometimes feel uncomfortable. Just as it’s for exemple okay for white people to sometimes feel uncomfortable, when they said or did something racist without being really aware of it. This happened to me many times, we live in discriminatory society, so we all need to unlearn stuff and #metoo is part of this process i guess.

This is btw also a really cool zine written by an anarchist guy for other anarchist men, but it can be read by all leftist, progressive people i think: https://www.sproutdistro.com/catalog/zines/anti-oppression/said-the-pot-to-the-kettle/.