A very interesting collection of zines by Rebelsister.

DIY feminist zines + comix

July was “international zine month” so I celebrated by trading, buying, and reading lots of zines! All of this trading and reading continued in August and September (because why stop while you’re having fun?). In July I went to Weirdo Zine Fest in London, so apart from zine swaps, a lot of the zines mentioned here were bought there. I know this looks like quite an impressive reading list but remember that I did not make much progress in any books those months and well, zines are small and quick to read and I got a lot of opportunities to acquire them.

Because I read (again) so many zines the past three months, I didn’t have the time to write proper reviews. I tried to add some short descriptions though, so you’ve got some idea of what the publications I read are about. I also tried to mention the website/online shop…

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