Wat gebeurt er tegenwoordig in Calais: (reblog van Calais Migrant Solidarity)

Calais Migrant Solidarity

In the last weeks the police have started to include attacks on support infrastructure in their campaign of violence and intimidation against people on the move in this city. Volunteers and supporters in Calais have been reporting police attacks during food distributions, traffic stops and fines when going out in association vehicles to do distributions, threats to seize vehicles, poisoning of water supplies, and the destruction of donations. This is in addition to the police violence which takes place daily in the jungles, at the parkings, and in the streets for which volunteers are not often present.

serveimage Water containers contaminated with CS gas

These incidents are part of a larger strategy aimed at eliminating solidarity towards people on the move from the streets of Calais. Ever since the explosion of support which helped construct the Jungle in 2015 the local government has targeted the groups and individuals trying to offer…

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