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There are a lot of female body parts where you can say a lot about. But for today’s topic, let’s talk about bellies. Something’s up with those. Flair suggests that if you want to impress your crush at a party, you leave your belly at home. And this school principle states that wearing clothing that reveal your belly button as a student is ok, as long as you’re skinny. Cause nobody wants to see that baby fat.

I have a belly. Mostly because I have the eating habits of an unchaperoned kid at a birthday party and because I only work out in months that begin with a “B”. But also because I’m a real human being and that’s just the kind of thing we have. It’s a rather handy thing if you think about it. It’s nice to rest your head on someone’s soft stomach and also, it’s also just a part of that magnificent body of yours that gets you to places day in and day out to do your thing. So you know, it’s cool.

We all know that bellies exist, but there seems to be a secret pact going on in which everyone really tries their best to pretend they’re not there. Bellies are secret. We never see them on tv, in advertisements or in magazines. They’re like ghosts, we love to scare each other with the concept (Are you seriously going to eat that? 10 ab exercises you can do during work!), but you never really get to witness the glory of them.

To be fair, I also participate in the let’s-hide-the-bellies-complot. I don’t wear crop tops unless my jeans come a-high, I check my reflection when I walk past window shops to do the obligatory bump-check and there are even sex positions I’m not comfortable with because I feel they expose my stomach too much. I rather have all the attention going to my boobs anyway. They’re nice. I would love to have the this-is-my-body-deal-with-it attitude that a woman like Lena Dunham has going on, but it’s a work in process. Let’s consider writing this post as a first step.

So I suggest we throw a belly party. Especially for all that wobbling fat that now feels as unwelcome as an unannounced test on a Friday afternoon. Let’s celebrate rather than hide that one body part that’s the reason why we’re not wearing that awesome cigarette pants we found while thrifting. We can get together and bellydance, decorate our stomachs with glitter tattoos and, of course, poke each other in our softest regions until we giggle so hard it hurts.

Body shots, anyone?

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