anonieme bijdrage

trigger warning voor geweld

The Game

I remember the day when I first saw his eyes

and fell drunkenly in love with his charm

He soon introduced me to The Escape –

white li(n)es on a plate –

I didn’t think it could do so much harm.

He quickly fell out of money and asked me to help –

by then I’d forgotten the right to refuse

So he pulled me into The Life

and soon I only knew addicts, dealers and pimps.

“Baby I know you’re tired from your day at school,

but here’s a line so open your legs, will you.”

I was in The Game for 18 months, made it out alive, but I don’t know how to pick up my life.

Without the guns and the fists and the cocaine hits, it seems like a false fairie tale.

Because I know this girl, not far from here,

and I know that she’s still in The Game.

I walk through the hometown that I once loved and I only see crime.

I see dealers, pimps and houses of punters and lifes not worth a dime.

How can I sit by the water on a sunny day and enjoy it, when that’s where the end of my life began?