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We have just had the Brexit vote in the UK and 75% of the young generation voted to stay, yet shamefully the older generation has fallen for the lies and xenophobia that have been a massive part of the leave campaign. I was just wondering what the feelings of the young people in Germany are about Europe and the leave to start discussions between people from all different areas, so we can start to build a future that’s not full of fascism and division…

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This is a page me and my friend are trying to get started up. It would be great if you could share it:

Young people call out after brexit

Dear E.,

I was really surprised to hear about the brexit vote. Its so unfair that 75% of the young people and almost all of the Scottish people have to deal with the decision of the (older) conservative people!

As you probably already know here, in the rest of Europe, fascism’s also on the rise.

In Germany 20% voted for the fascist AfD (‘Alternative fuer Deutschland’). This party suggested a law that would make it possible to shoot at refugees at the border! Can you believe it?! Also today i read one in three Germans now want to reintroduce compulsory military service. Are they fucking nuts?!

It’s clear nationalism’s booming. I can’t count the German flags in Berlin anymore, i hope they’ll all disappear after the football world cup again :p

In Belgium it’s the same story: the right wing populists (NVA) are cutting in all the social rights people have fought their arses of for in the past: labour rights, women’s rights, education, heath care, … They even present themselves as ‘women friendly’ (De Wever, head of the NVA, wrote a ‘feminist blog’ for the Vrouwenraad/Women’s Council) and ‘queer friendly’ (NVA publicity in queer magazines), but we all know that women, queers, nobody but the elite, would ever benefit from their politics! It would all be a big fucking joke if it weren’t for real!

My French friends in Berlin are also really worried about the rise in popularity of the extreme right party, Front National, of Le Pen. And as you probably already heard/read there’s been mass demonstrations and riots in Paris/France for months now! Some media are already talking about a ‘French Revolution’! The struggle of the people against the new labour law is extremely important not only for France, but also for the rest op Europe, cause if the law gets through in France, they will fore sure also implement it in the other European countries.

Then in Poland, Spain and the Netherlands they wanna restrict women’s rights on abortion, in Brussels they wanna criminalize prostitutes/sex workers again, etc. Women’s rights are under pressure everywhere in Europe.

All this gives me the f*cking creeps, but the thing that hits me most is the fact that refugees – people!!! – got dehumanised so quickly. Its like a second holocaust, i just can’t get it. All we ever heard about in school was the f*cking holocaust, you would think people would finally take a lesson from their history and mistakes, but no.

Today i had a discussion about it with my housemate F., who is German. She told that after the holocaust people always focused on Hitler and what this monster  – as an individual –  had done wrong. They never really questioned the people, who supported all of his political decisions and made it possible for the atrocities to happen.

I think the same thing is happening right now. People don’t realize they are fascism whenever they vote for right wing parties and spit their hatred on refugees, immigrants, Greeks, Wallons, whoever doesn’t fit in the picture. They don’t realise they too are part of the killing machine that murders thousands of men, women, children and babies at the borders. White fasco’s are no better then the religious fasco’s that murdered so many people during the attacks in Paris, Brussels and Istanbul, they’d even get along if it wouldn’t be for their different skin colour and religion.


Still i’ve got a lot of hope when i see so many people, young and old, opposing the regime and fighting the right wing tendencies inside society. Its so true what you say: its extremely important to stick together and organise ourselves against fascism!

I wish you good luck with your fight against the brexit and hope to see you soon too!