Trigger warning.


It has been many years now,

Since you saw me for the last time


No matter how much I tried,

I never forgot you,

When I wake up with the sunrise,

the first thing coming up in my mind:


When I decide to go to bed, hours after the sunset ,

And I’m afraid,

The last memory I see :


When I finally find sleep,

In my agonizing dreams,

You are there again.

Haunting each-one of my every move,


Each time I stand in the mirror,

looking at this naked body staring at me,

trying to find out what is it,

Is this mass of bones and flesh mine ?

It feels yours.

You became an obsession,



Hiding in the tiniest details of  life,

from this reflection  in the mirror,

to the working days when my shift is done.

I then drag myself to the station…

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