Cannot put into words how important this statement is to share. The French government has decided to decrease the size of the ‘jungle’ (refugee camp) in doing so evicting thousands of people from there already unbearable homes. I have a direct statement from the communities within the ‘jungle’

“We the united people of the jungle calais respectfully decline the demands of the French government with regards to reducing the size of the jungle
We have descided to peacefully resist the governments plans to destroy our homes
We plead with the French authorities and the international communities that you understand our situation and respect our fundamental human rights ”

The deadline for moving is Friday. Once this statement is released who knows how the government / police will react. As volunteers we are requesting the media to respond and ensure there is coverage of what could be devastating action by the police. Again the majority of people in the clearance zone are families women and children!

Please share as much as possible and remember this is a peaceful resist from being forced from their homes