“A migrant died after being run over by a Eurotunnel freight train”

“On their arrival towards 02.15, the emergency services found that it was impossible to identify the age, sex or nationality of the person, because their body had been “torn to shreds over more than 400 metres” just after the impact, according to the operational centre for the fire and rescue service (Codis) of the Pas de Calais region.”

As has now become standard, Eurotunnel in its twitter announcement feedreferred to an unspecified “incident” causing delays of an hour, for which it apologised to passengers.

Elsewhere in Fortress Europe yesterday, an Afghan man was shot dead by Bulgarian police, and seven people including three children and a baby were killed off the island of Lesvos when the Greek coast police crashed into their wooden boat.

At least 19 people have been killed by the border in Calais so far this year. 17 have been killed since June. 13 deaths have occurred in or near the Eurotunnel.

To add further identities:
– Yesterday a Syrian man was hit by a vehicle near the euro tunnel – he later died in hospital.
– the day before that, a female, “Arab looking” also died whilst trying to get herself and her 2 children out of Calais. The rumour is, she fell off and the children went forth. But nothing has come forth from authorities.

14 year old Abdullah from Laggman, Afghanistan died under the train while trying to cross the border for England.