Mijn Egyptische vriendin A. verbleef in Istanboel en schreef me over de prostituees die ze er op straat zag:

Actually, I was discussing the topic of prostitution with my friend when we were in Turkey. Once we went back to the hotel at two am in Istanbul. We walked alongside a long road and in every corner there were about four prostitutes. Some of them looked very young (less than 18 years old) and I noticed that near the girls there was a big black car watching them. By the time I reached the hotel I saw more then 60 prostitutes in less then 30 minutes. And near every little group of girls there was this big black car.

I never saw such a huge amount of prostitutes in any other country. When I went to my room, I googled if prostitution is legal in Turkey. It is legal and most of the prostitutes come from Eastern Europe. I read some dramatic stories about these girls. That night I couldn’t sleep. I was disgusted because of what i had witnessed. I remembered the men coming out of their cars and observing the girls. They would go to the woman inside the black car and she would pick a girl for the clients. What annoyed me was that this process of “selling” a girls body was done openly in the streets. People are not even bothered by seeing old men choosing very young girls. I also read that in Turkey many prostitutes are murdered and dumped into parks because they have been heavily sexually abused by some psychopathic clients. It’s very sad!!!

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