Dit is het verhaal dat mijn Egyptische vriendin A. me vertelde. Ze was op vakantie in Istanboel met haar Duitse vriendin. Toen ze op een rustig plekje in de stad zaten te lezen en praten, gebeurde het volgende:

Hello E. :),

Actually, I’m not having any adventures so far, but I’m kinda happy that tomorrow i’ll be leaving. I hate Istanbul in summer, it’s very hot and crowded. Yesterday, I was out of mood. I don’t know if I told you that I’m travelling with my friend? Anyways, we were sitting in a calm place, reading and talking, when two guys came to sit in front of us. I felt they were not okay. They started to say some words in Turkish that I couldn’t understand, but I knew they were flirting. My friend is German so she looks European. One of the guys was staring at her. You know when someone eats you with his eyes? I felt very annoyed and mad. She was terrified because we were kinda in an empty area. So this stupid guy said something in Turkish to his friend and I understood him. He told: “Let’s ask this Russian girl how much she needs.” and they were looking in ‘google translate’ to ask the question in English. So I quickly told my friend what they were saying. She started to laugh because many people took her for a Russian. In this kind of situations, I get very anxious and she felt it and asked me to relax. One of the guys got close to my friend and asked her: “Hey you sexy russian, how much do you need?”. I was about to talk to them and ask them to go away, but then she stopped me and kissed me. I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting such a thing in that moment. The guys started to yell and shout and then they left. She told me: “I had to kiss you so that they would understand that I’m not interested and that I’m a lesbian. I wasn’t mad because she kissed me, but I said: “Why should we pretend something fake so that those guys leave us in peace?” This accident really pissed me off. First, the stereotype that evey blond girl must be Russian and secondly, if she’s Russian that she’s automatically ready for sex. I hate this kind of stupid mentality! I’m sorry if I annoyed you with this, but I needed to write this down so that I can feel relieved again…

Have a good day!