Anti-Porn Feminists

My donated used 15 yr old pellet stove, which is my ONLY source of heat for the winter (since I am without a steady liveable income, I am unable to afford to get my gas utility service restored and afford the monthly bills), died last night. They don’t even make replacement parts for it anymore and I don’t have $4K to buy a new one and have it installed.

It is 45 degrees in the *warmest* room in my house right now. I’m just lucky I my water pipes have not frozen and burst. My electric is old and not up to code (because I don’t have any way of coming up with $8K to pay for getting it fixed and brought up to code) so I cannot risk overloading the breaker box by going out and buying one more electric space-heater to plug in (I already have 3 of…

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