Anti-Porn Feminists

There is a big trend in ‘sex positive’ ‘choice feminism’ and among some sex industry advocates to blame the women who are abused in the sex industry for their own abuse.

This is a pathologization of victimhood, the system isn’t to blame, the victim herself and her own ‘bad choices’ are to blame, there is something wrong with her, not the system. The upshot of this is that we are encouraged not to look at the sex industry with any kind of structural or class analysis, we are asked to only look at the comparatively privileged women who are doing well as individuals within the status quo.

Next Years Girl has recently been having an exchange with tumblr user Baby Baby Sugar that illustrates this clearly, with a stark degree of contempt for victims on Baby Baby Sugar’s part that is more blatant than one usually sees.

Sex work is…

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