Over funfeminisme (reblog, wel Engelstalig)

“Your choices are not immune from criticism just because they’re yours. You don’t have a vial of fairy dust that you can sprinkle all over your patriarchal compliance and turn it into feminist activism. If you’re determined to play pretend, I can’t stop you, but expect your pretension to be criticized. Pouting and accusations of “shaming” will not be accepted as credible arguments.

Liberals will be especially shocked by this revelation. Choicey-ness is their sacred cow. “How dare anyone criticize MY choices!” is their outraged cry. Choosy choicesters, you need to understand that the things you do don’t happen in a vacuum. They affect other people around you. The more antifeminist ideas and practices you personally choose to embrace, or even tolerate, the more you support male supremacy. And that has immediate, shitty consequences for all the women around you. So stop it.”

Exiled Stardust

Someone objected to my use of the word “funfem”.  This abbreviation of “funfeminist” is a “slur”, I was sternly told, and I am not to use it.

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